Generate More Showings, Reduce Your Sale Time & Maximize Value

Here at Organized Impressions we understand that selling a home is hardly ever easy, whether the economy is booming or markets are down. As former high-end

interior design professionals we understand what home buyers want, how they make purchase decisions (and more importantly how to sway) those decisions.

We know what interior design aeasthetics appeal to different demographics, and help them envision a life in your home.




The highest potential return on your investment.

With this option, your home is showcased at its very best!


Vacant Home Staging is the process in which we provide furnishings, artwork, and accessories for each room within your home or listing. The question of which rooms shoud be staged is dependent on the needs of each space and whether or not staging that space will increase the potential value of your home or listing through the sales process. 

Connect with your potential buyers’ main decision driver: their emotions. Highlight your home’s selling points and minimize its flaws. Increase your value of your home in the buyers mind. Paint a picture of a stylish and functional lifestyle that buyers can envision for themselves.

At Organized Impressions we create beautiful spaces where people want to live. We recommend to each of our clients that they purchase Vacant Home Staging because it offers the highest potential return on their investment. Vacant staging allows us to fully customize the furniture, artwork, and accessories selection to showcase your home or listing at its best.




Initial Consultation

An Organized Impressions designer meets with you on-site to evaluate your staging needs, assess your target market, discuss the available staging budget, and take measurements of your property.

Project Proposal

Our design team creates and sends you a custom staging proposal outlining an aesthetic direction for the project, rooms to be staged, proposed furniture/decor pieces, and a timeline and budget.

Property Staging

An Organized Impressions designer and our staging crew will stage your entire property within one to two days using designer-selected piecess from our curated furniture inventory.


After you receive an offer and give Organized Impressions 7 business days notice, we will schedule a date for our crew to come in and de-stage your property in a span of one day.

What You Can Expect From Organized Impressions:

Friendly Conversation, professionalism, organization, attention to detail,  and methodical brainstorming on how to

best utilize a space in order to meet your buyers’ demographic.