The Jumpstart With Evernote

The Jumpstart – The big complex overwhelming task of getting started with Evernote, broken down and mapped out in detail.

Here’s your personal Evernote – Jumpstart Plan.

Currently ONLY Available For Mac Users located in the greater New Orleans area & the Northshore!

You need to figure out how to build your Evernote organizational framework, how to capture & create information & how to implement Evernote in the day to day world so you stop wasting precious time, know exactly what to focus on & what to do next to be the most productive you.

  • Your biggest obstacle right now is that you don’t have a lot of time and even worse you wouldn’t even know how to get started, reading yet another book and figuring out another program all by yourself seems out of the question.
  • You are ready to organize your life! You’re certain you would love Evernote, afterall over 2 billion users and Evernote lovers can’t be all wrong. If you could just get over the first bump in the road but you’re just not sure what to do next.
  • How do you move forward in the easiest way? How do you get started without wasting your time?

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what to do?

Imagine the relief, and confidence and clarity you’d have.

  • “This is what I need to do in order to get started without wasting any time.”
  • “This is what I need to do next to set the right foundation from the getgo.”
  • “These are the core skills I must know in order to make the most of using Evernote.”
  • “This is what I need to focus on first.”
  • “These settings I need to be the most productive.”
  • “These are the strategies I must know to organize my notes in Evernote and save time.”



A step-by-step process with the specific, realistic steps you need to be taking to build the right foundation created specifically for you and moving you quickly toward your goal of quickly being able to find and access information regardless of where you are or what device you are on.

What You Get 

Two in-depth coaching session with step by step guidance to optimizing your account settings, creating an effective workspace through building your organizational framework and mastering Evernote core skills. 

A brief questionnaire to provide me with key background information and to better understand your individual needs.

Our coaching sessions includes hand-outs, worksheets and tips & strategies to expand your Evernote skillset. In addition to that you will receive unlimited email support between our coaching session so you can relax and focus!

After our two coaching sessions you will receive a customized report via email detailing specific and tangible action steps to take toward your goals.

How It Works

2-Hour Coaching Session 

90-Minute Follow-Up Coaching Session

In our first 2-hour coaching session we will concentrate on the nitty gritty and will be a bit more of a structured nature. Step by step, I will walk you through Evernote’s interface, demonstrate how to optimize your account settings and properly configure your personal Evernote foundation, set you up with Evernote’s complementary tools for even more efficiency and last but not least you will learn Evernote’s core skills you need to use Evernote efficiently each and every day. 

Once you’ve had some time to become familiar with Evernote we will meet again for our 90-minute follow-up session (within one or two weeks of our first session.) This time it’s all about you and organization. One of the most asked question I get is: How do I organize my notes / notebooks in Evernote. We will spend our time brainstorming and building your organizational structure and I will answer all of your questions.

Account settings optimization.

Set-up of complementary tools of Evernote such as Webclipper, Scannable and Email-Forwarding.

Core skills and how to implement Evernote in your day to day world.

Master Evernote Search once you’ve learned how to exactly how to collect, capture and organize your information.

Brainstorm and set-up of basic organizational foundation based on your exact needs. 

Insider secrets for organizing your life. I am not only an Office Organizing & Efficiency Coach but also an Evernote Certified Business Consultant.

How Does The Jumpstart Help Me? 

Accountability, I'm right there with you.

Answers to your questions and guidance provided by a certified Evernote Business Consultant

Clear your desk and get organized

Be able to move forward with confidence and clarity

Get the technical stuff out of the way so you can focus on adding information

Get specific and move toward your goals

Personalized step by step instructions based on your individual needs

TIME SAVINGS! Instead of figuring out what to do . . . you are getting it done.

Always know where everything is stored - Evernote : )

“Evernote is like a pair of jeans, the more you use it

the better it gets” ~Nadine McCoy

The Process

You pay via PayPal and schedule your first coaching session via email or simply give me a call 504.421.2569 - Currently ONLY available for Mac users and to the Greater New Orleans area and the Northshore! Alternatively, you can also pay over the phone.

Once paid, and first session is scheduled you will receive a brief questionnaire to fill in before our coaching session

I will review your answers, and use to customize your coaching session

We will meet on our day scheduled and spend 2-hours concentrating on the nitty gritty of Evernote

You will receive additional hand-outs and detailed tangible action steps aka homework assignment before we meet again

Within two weeks we will meet for our 90-minute fun brainstorming follow-up session and get you organized

You will receive your customized report and additional tangible action steps on how to move towards your goal

Use Evernote every day and see how it will change your life

Nadine, I Need A Jumpstart! 

Your Investment $295

Why Me?

Hi I’m Nadine, I teach ambitious and smart women entrepreneurs to uncomplicate their business so they can work less and live more. As a business owner myself, I understand the importance of processes, strategies and using tools that can make our lives easier. Evernote is such tool that can completely transform the way you work and can literally function as your second brain, you know one that can actually remember all of your information. When you master Evernote you can free yourself from overwhelm and even burnout.


I’m also an award winning business efficiency coach and office organizing expert and since I love Evernote so much I even got certified as an Evernote Business consultant. I got lots of happy clients and results and can’t wait to help you get started with Evernote. What I’m like beyond that? I’m German, born and raised,- hard work, organizing and efficiency are in my blood and I’ve lived and worked on two continents. I’m a mom to the sweetest little boy and two doggies, a wife, a business owner and nature lover. One thing is certain, if you can’t find me on my computer or teaching a workshop or seminar somewhere you can find me somewhere outside.

Nadine McCoy

Nadine, I Need A Jumpstart! 

Your Investment $295

Curious about Evernote?

Evernote is a powerful cloud based productivity and note taking application which easily let’s you capture anything you need to do, remember or reference at a later time and will be right at your fingertips as Evernote syncs all your files across your devices. Based on your individual needs choose between any of these three services and change the way you work forever.

Want to get started with Evernote?

Get my practical, step by step Evernote guide for Mac users.

Everything you need to know to build a solid foundation.




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