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Organized Impressions | Creating Stylish, Functional and Efficient Organizing Solutions For Your Home & Office.

We help you declutter, edit and organize any space in your home or your office. Our personalized hands-on organizing services are available in New Orleans, LA, and the Northshore. Each organizing project receives our utmost attention to detail, well-thought-out organizing solutions 

and Organized Impressions signature style.


Organized Impressions | Total Make-Over


  • 30 – minute make-over strategy session in your home
  • $50 charge which will be credited towards your organizing project rate


  • $100 for a team of 2


  • $100 one-time flat fee (per project) to purchase all necessary product and facilitate any returns. All product purchased will be subject to client approval and budget, receipts will be provided and billed for reimbursement accordingly. 


  • All our make-overs include additional time designing layouts and creating personalized organizing solutions.
  • Time spent researching and shopping for all needed supplies as well as facilitating any returns.
  • A team of two organizers that will sort, categorize, making sense of it all and helping you pare down.
  • Following the pare down process your contents of the designated space will be organized, beautifully arranged in Organized Impressions signature style.  Recycling and/or donations will also be removed. 

Make-Over | Refresh 

For our repeat make-over clients who require an occasional touch-up of our previously organized and styled spaces by Organized Impressions this 2-Hour / $195 make-over refresh will get you right back in business. Your systems will be restored, your space re-styled and re-labeled as needed and recycling and/or donations removed. 

  • FLAT RATE:  $195
  • PACKAGE DEAL:  $900 for 5 sessions 

A’ La Carte | Organizing & Simplifying


  • 60-minute consultation in your home to discuss details, needs, strategies etc.
  •  $100 


  •  $300


  • Buy 3 sessions | $900 and get 1 session FREE 
  • Buy 6 sessions | $1800 and get 2 sessions FREE 
  • Buy 9 sessions | $2700 and get 3 sessions FREE 


  • The a’la carte organizing service is perfect for you if you simply don’t know where to begin, if you need help from a professional to pare down your belongings, or if you need an accountability partner right by your side and get it done once and for all. And anyone that would love to learn how to be more organized and live a more simplified meaningful life.
  • When you choose to work with us in a one-on-one capacity you are investing in your personal growth and experience peace and calm in your home. OUR RESULTS are always: Order in your daily life, easy to maintain spaces without sacrificing style and a home that makes you happy!

Organized Impressions | Unpacking & Home Styling


  • 1-hour consultation in your home to discuss details, needs, strategies etc.
  • $100 which will be credited towards your unpacking project rate


  • $100 for a team of 2


  • We unpack so you can get settled into your new home and life FAST, PAINLESS and in STYLE.
  • A team of two organizer/stylists will get your new home move-in ready as we unpack, sort, organize and store your belongings.
  • Each specified area will be styled, artwork placed and furniture methodically / beautifully arranged as we “shop from your belongings.”

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