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Properly Prepare Your Home For Sale With Our Top Staging Techniques

Properly prepare, stage and transform your occupied home for sale into an inspiring and complete lifestyle experience that resonates with today’s savvy homebuyers

and put money in your pocket. Staged homes sell 80% faster and 15% higher than occupied unstaged homes. Our professional home staging

services are available in the greater St. Tammany area of Louisiana. 

Staging For Occupied Homes

We Make Staging Your Home For Sale Easy It All Begins



Every home staging project must begin with a proper plan in place.

Do it right the FIRST TIME. We offer an in-depth, two-hour consultation with one of our Occupied Consultation Specialists, sharing all of our top staging techniques, a personalized top 10 priority list and coaching homeowners on the necessary step to properly prepare their house for sale while still living in the home.

With “Buyers Eyes” we will walk through the house giving you specific instructions and detailing exactly how to edit, organize and stage your home to appeal to targeted buyers. This combination of this consultation and our detailed discovery report will leave you with a clear plan, the “how to” and where to get started. Homeowners can choose to prepare the home for sale themselves or decide to hire us to complete the staging.

After the PREP TO SELL | Consultation™ our team works with your furnishings and implements the solution and staging techniques suggested. Our main goal here at Organized Impressions is to prepare your home into a market-ready showcase with a focus on the money-making rooms such as the main living areas and the master suite. 

In today’s real estate market, first impressions are everything and it is our goal to attract the right buyer BEFORE your home enters the market thus helping speed up your home sale and puts money in your pocket.


~ Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Mandeville, LA vacant home staging services

5 Simple Steps To Preparing Your Home For Sale

With Nadine While Living In It

- Step 1 -

First you’ll book a PREP TO SELL | CONSULTATION™  with Nadine our Occupied Consultation Specialist so you can properly prepare your home for sale while still living in the home. 

- Step 2 -

At the in-depth, two-hour consultation Nadine will first conduct a home tour to document the homes unique features, architectural details and take photographs to get a clear picture and better understanding of the properties needs. Together and with “Buyers Eyes” you will walk through the house as you will take notes and Nadine will give you specific instructions and detailing exactly how to edit, organize and stage your home to appeal to today’s savvy home buyers. The consultation + your handwritten notes will leave you with a clear plan, the “how to” and where to get started as Nadine will also provide you with a personalized Top 10 Priority List.

- Step 3 -

After completing the PREP TO SELL | CONSULTATION™, Nadine takes a solo step back to evaluate the properties highest opportunities for ROI. She organizes her recommendations in your customized Discovery Report tailored to your specific properties needs, including a “clickable” online shopping guide with specified products such as light fixture swaps, color referenced paint suggestions, curb appeal ideas, how to dress your bed and anything else she sees would enhance your listing and bring serious offers.

- Step 4 -

Within 48 business hours following the PREP TO SELL | CONSULTATION™, your customized Discovery Report + home staging proposal will be delivered via email. Plus 3 follow-up emails and/or texts with Nadine for any questions about your customized Discovery Report to ensure your home staging success. Choose to prepare your home for sale or decide to hire us to complete the staging for you. 

- Step 5 -

Once your property has been properly prepared such as painted, repaired and cleaned Organized Impressions team does all of the work! We work with your furnishings and implement the solutions and staging techniques suggested and transform your home interior into inspiring and complete lifestyle experiences that resonate with today’s savvy homebuyers.


*This two-hour PREP TO SELL | CONSULTATION™ generally covers homes up to 2500 sqft.

Additional time is available at $75 / hour.