Organized Impressions Professional Home Staging Services Madisonville, LA


Presenting Your Property In The Best Light Possible When Selling Your Home

Inspire potential home buyers by highlighting your homes best features and showing them a finished home that feels both sophisticated and welcoming. Organized Impressions staged homes are more desirable, frequently sell faster and for higher prices than unstaged homes. Our professional home staging services are available in the greater St. Tammany area of Louisiana.

Staging For Occupied Homes
Home Staging Services Organized Impressions Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington and Abita Springs
Home Staging Services Organized Impressions Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington and Abita Springs
Home Staging Services Organized Impressions Mandeville, Madisonville, Covington and Abita Springs
Organized Impressions Professional Home Staging Services Madisonvill, LA


Every home staging project must begin with a proper plan in place. 

During this in-depth, up to three-hour consultation by an Occupied Consultation Specialist™, we will be sharing all of our top staging techniques, provide a personalized top 10 priority list and coaching homeowners on the necessary steps to properly prepare their house for sale.

With “Buyers Eyes” we will walk through the house giving you specific instructions and detailing exactly what to do from curb appeal, suggested updates, to paint and how to edit, depersonalize and stage your home to appeal to targeted buyers.

After the consultation, you will have a clear plan the “how to” and where to get started. Homeowners can choose to prepare the home for sale themselves or decide they would like us to come back for further assistant.

*COST: $250 for up to three hours, which generally covers houses up to 3,500 square feet.

Additional hours available if you wish for $75/hr as larger homes may take more time.


95% of today’s potential home buyers begin their search online and typically spend less than 10 seconds looking at MLS photos.

What spatially looks right in person, can appear very different in photos. We return to put the finishing touches before the photographer arrives and stay while the photos are taken just to make sure your listing is “picture perfect.” This approach ensures furnishings are placed well, appear to scale and are shot from the best angles.

*COST: Starting at $200 and is only available to clients who have completed their “homework” from their Prep To Sell | Consultation.


Choose to do it yourself or hire us to complete the staging.

In today’s real estate market, first impressions are everything and it is our goal to attract the right buyer BEFORE your home enters the market thus helping you sell your home faster and at a better price. This step, occupied home staging is designed for homeowners who are still living in their homes while they’re on the market.

Home staging isn’t just “fluff” or “decorating.” And we don’t just “throw something together” or strip away your home’s unique personality just to make it look “staged.” Instead, we research your likely buyers and highlight your homes best architectural features with what you already have. We think through the design process and combine proven design principles with the latest marketing strategies. We will transform your home into a sophisticated and welcoming product that your target buyers want, identify with, and feel is within their own reach.

After the PREP TO SELL | CONSULTATION we implement the solutions and staging techniques suggested. We offer a half day or full day service and can assist every step of the way.   Your result: A livable space that lets potential buyers envision your house as their new home, so you can sell it faster and at a better price. 

COST: Price varies depending on the total number of team members needed to complete the staging in a half or full day.

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Staging For Vacant Homes
Organized Impressions home staging services in Mandeville, LA


Staging is ALWAYS less than your first price reduction!

Vacant home staging is an essential element of marketing empty properties and in almost all cases full-home staging is a homeowners best option. Buyers can find it difficult to envision an empty space furnished and on average spend only 5 minutes viewing a vacant property.

A recent study of the market and statistics found that fully-staged homes sell approximately 20 – 28% faster than partially staged homes where only the key rooms are staged. Thus we at Organized Impressions believe in full-home staging. Click here Why You Should Stage and more numbers to back it up.

Our vacant staging services are all inclusive to showcase your home after you’ve moved out, infusing it with the life and personality that attracts eager buyers. Our well-planned interior designs make the most of available space, helping small rooms look larger and giant rooms feel cozy. Our staged homes feel sophisticated, warm, inviting and appeals to buyers emotions, helping them truly experience your home’s true potential. 

We start by understanding who your most likely buyer would be, then we create an immerse design experience that appeals to their taste and needs. We take care of everything, from furniture to accessories and decor to bringing in a professional photographer to enhance your MLS listing with gorgeous pictures. COMING SOON.




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