5 Tips for Realtors “How To Effectively Convey The Benefits of Home Staging To Your Clients”


January 21, 2020

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Selling a house is a big endeavor and in recent years home staging has become more and more mainstream when selling real estate. I would even argue and go as far as to say that many of the TOP Selling realtors in the country not only take advantage but require home staging for every listing they take on. 

However, some areas of the country very often suburbs or rural areas are just a bit slower to fully embrace this trend. And there still are people who may be wary of its effects due to the cost, the lack of education and familiarity of home staging statistics or possibly actual service providers that can deliver on the promise of professional and quality home staging. 

Most often it’s real estate agents just like yourselves that are the first to take up the conversation of home staging when listing a home and end up having a hard time convincing homeowners to take the plunge and make the investment mainly because you may not fully understand the true value, the benefits and the return of investment that home staging brings to the table, the cost associated with home staging or you simply may not want to upset your home seller having to discuss things that are uncomfortable. 

If you can relate, and you wish to add home staging as one of your marketing techniques this year whether because you want to double your real estate business in 2020, your business has become stagnant and you need to shake things up a bit or this is your very first year in real estate and you are looking for a competitive marketing edge.  

Regardless of where you are in your business right now, the following 5 TIPS for realtors of “How to effectively convey the benefits of home staging to your clients” will take out the guesswork every time when you get thrown off with some of the most common comebacks we hear again and again.

Knowing exactly how to respond can be very powerful and make you sound like the expert in real estate you are.


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And of course, there are many ways to convey to your clients that home staging is the best possible option

in order to their home sold. And here is how:



Find out what the average days on market for similar homes are in your local area. Typically home sellers have only a vague idea and are looking at you the real estate agent for guidance. Depending on your market your clients may look at 34 days, 80 days or depending on the luxury level even longer.

Being able to provide your clients with this number will give them a better understanding of the timeline, be more realistic and the possible risk of one if not more price reductions down the line. Once they understand the average days on market it is time to present them with how home staging can skew those numbers.




The power of the before and after photo. Nobody can resist a transformation we all love them for a reason. Showing your clients before and after pictures of properties that had been on the market before staging and how they positively affected the sale after the staging is beneficial and eyeopening. Keeping it visual will drive the point home and lets your client understand better what great home staging entails.

It is worth noting that home staging can make a difference in every property regardless of the price point, vacant or owner-occupied. Every home can benefit and there are many different home stagers and often you will find that they specialize in one or the other. OCSalso known as occupied consultation specialists have been trained and are the best when it comes to selling your home while living in it.


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The proof is in the pudding as I’d like to say. Let your clients see for themselves simply by showing them their competition. Show your clients what they are up against. Find a few professionally staged properties that are similar in price point and comps to their home for sale and some that are not staged and let them see the difference first hand.

In real estate a great FIRST IMPRESSION is critical, there simply are no second great impressions. In today’s hyper-technical world, 97% of home buyers begin their search online and curb appeal is no longer just what you see in the front yard when doing a drive-by but rather the first image is seen when browsing realtor.com or redfin.com. Within split seconds you can lose the sale of your house because a home buyer will decide if they like something with the click of a mouse.


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Pictures say more than a thousand words. One of the best ways we have found to effectively market our home staging services to our clients (realtors, investors, and homeowners) is to show before and after pictures of the work we have done and then back it up with OUR staged home average days on market vs. unstaged home average DOM.

For example, the home below was on the market for more than 5 months prior to staging. After it was staged it had an accepted offer in just 11 days!



Nobody knows home staging, home staging statistics and understands the local real estate market better than a professional, certified home staging expert. Why stumble and risk the relationship with your client? When you could just as easily say: “Here is the contact information of my home stager, I use him or her for all of my listings.

According to RESA (Real Estate Staging Association) homes that are staged prior to going on the market sell in 90% less time than un-staged homes and for 20% more according to Realtor.com. I don’t know about you but I find these statistics very compelling.

“Give him/her a call or they can call you if you prefer. They know exactly what you need in order to prepare your home for a FAST and PROFITABLE sale, they understand who your most likely home buyer is and work with your timeframe and your budget to best present your home right from the start.

Why risk it if you don’t feel comfortable simply let the home staging professional speak for themselves.

Don’t have a professional home stager on your team? In order for a mutual and beneficial relationship between yourself and the home stager to work, you may want to spend some time researching for the right fit. There is a lot at stake including your brand so here are just a few questions you may want to ask beforehand.


  • Do you have a portfolio?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can you share several referrals or testimonials?
  • What is your training?
  • Do you work with owner-occupied homes for sale?
  • Do you specialize in vacant home staging and Do you own your inventory?
  • What are your results?
  • Are you covered by insurance?
  • What are your rates?
  • How soon can you stage a house?
  • How will you help market my listing?
  • What other services do you provide?


Now go and find yourself the best home stager in town! Someone who is knowledgable in design principles, home buyer demographics, and someone that knows how to overcome any unfavorable aspects form a buyer’s point of view and communicate clearly the plan of action to your home seller.

“Here is the most important thing to know, home staging costs are almost

ALWAYS LESS than your first price reduction.”

Remember home staging isn’t to simply sell the home. The fact is, any home will sell at the right price. Great home staging creates a measurable, marketable difference in the perceived value of the home. It creates a lifestyle experience that home buyers aspire to and will help them envision living in the home but it will also make them fall in love with the property. This lifestyle experience creates an emotional connection that helps facilitate a FAST and PROFITABLE sale.

For more information there is a great article that you may want to read and pass on to your clients:

“Is Professional Home Staging Worth The Cost?”