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In today’s world, life not only gets hectic but getting organized and maintaining an organized home can easily become overwhelming. We get it and thus created THE HOME – CURE, all you have to do is decide what you no longer need and we take care of the rest in our four simple steps outlined below. 


30-minute in-home strategy session. 

$50 charge to be credited towards project rate. 


$65 / Hour for one pro organizer

$95 / Hour for a team of two pro organizers

To expedite the process and your convenience, we can purchase all necessary product (per project) and facilitate any returns.  All product purchased is subject to your approval and budget and will be billed for reimbursement accordingly. Monthly or quarterly maintenance services are available for spaces organized by Organized Impressions. Pricing details will be shared with you once the project has been completed.


Every organizing project must begin with the proper plan in place. Nadine begins her work with each client with an in-home strategy session. This is the time to get to know you! We will discuss project specifics, your needs, estimated time and who uses the space.


In order to really understand the space and to build a long-lasting, functional organizing system everything must come out. Nadine and her assistant will categorize, sort and organize your belongings and the items that are no longer needed or wanted will be removed.


Your input, your budget, and our measurements will help us design a customized plan and organizing solution. We will create a shopping list for you to review and approve and shop all necessary product for the project and facilitate any returns. 


This is where the real fun begins and the magic happens. From here the product will be placed, all the organizing solutions implemented and last but not least, no project is complete without labeling. Anything you no longer wish to keep we can take with us and donate or consign.

Additional Services


Nadine and her trusted army of professionals can assists you in preparation for your move from helping you downsize,

declutter, pack as well as helping you get settled in your new space by assisting with unpacking,

furniture arrangement, creative organizing solutions and best of all home styling.

Organized Impressions professional organizing services Covington LA Mary McDonald Million Dollar Decorators
Mary McDonald of Million Dollar Decorators



Our BEFORE YOU MOVE decluttering sessions are specifically designed to help you remove some of the burdens of moving. We work with you to eliminate accumulated clutter before you even start thinking of packing. Now is the perfect time to rid yourself of anything in your home that no longer serves a purpose in your life saving you time (less packing), money and energy. 


30-minute in-home strategy session. 

$50 charge to be credited towards project rate. 


$95 / Hour for a team of two

$125 / Hour for a team of three pro organizers

(4-Hour minimum applies)

And just in case you’ve already moved we unpack so don’t have to! We help you get settled into your new home FAST, PAINLESS and in STYLE. A team of two or three of our organizers will get your new home move-in ready as we unpack, sort, organize and store your belongings.  Each specified area will be styled, your artwork will be placed and furniture methodically / beautifully arranged as we “shop from your belongings.”

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