10 Reasons Why Evernote May Be The One Missing Piece In Your Business And Your Life

I’m wondering if any of this sounds familiar?

. . . You love the flexibility that being your own boss gives you but you never imagined the amount of paper you’d accumulate now that you are out on your own and not to mention all of your family’s paperwork.

. . . You find yourself overwhelmed with all of the information out there, you end up printing everything thinking I’ll just add it to my stack. I can read or take care of it later. You’re piles just keep on growing and later never comes.

. . . Your business or personal errands tend to take you out of the office, you know you need your information accessible but you have no strategy or system to speak of.

. . . There is no central location, your information is stored in files, written on notepads, in email attachments on your desktop, in your filing system, in your car, your purse or on top of your desk or wait maybe on the kitchen counter.

. . . Stacks and stacks of paper are taking over your office, you spend more time looking for things than actually getting anything done or worse you can’t find anything and just going into your office becomes increasingly overwhelming.

. . . You have a never-ending to-do list, actually you have many, many, many to-do lists. You use your email as your to-do’s, some loose pieces of paper in your office, sticky notes on your computer screen, maybe you tried a phone app or two, you tried a task manager and some items even end up on your calendar.

. . . You’re already using Evernote but not to it’s true potential, you don’t actually know how to make the most of it and for now Evernote has just become a big black hole.

If you’ve never felt this way or if information overload, overwhelm and endless to-do lists are far from your reality, click away this article isn’t for you. But if any of these things above ring true to you and you find yourself thinking there must be a better way or maybe a tool that could easily take care of it all or at the very least the majority of things then please keep reading.

When taking care of your family, raising your children, perhaps a busy social calendar and tending to all of your business affairs, it’s easy even for the best of us to become overwhelmed and lose sight. What you need is a system and a central location where you keep your information and above all an efficient way of dealing with everything that life tends to throw at you.

Whatever your life looks like right now, organizing your personal and professional information and accessibility at all times is easier than you think and can eliminate a large portion of your overwhelm and your stress. And with the right systems in place can save you tons of time and we all know that in today’s fast paced world time really is money.


10 Reasons Every Woman Business Owner

Just Like Yourself Can Only Benefit From Everything Evernote Has To Offer


Whether you know nothing about Evernote, you’ve heard of it but simply haven’t had a chance to really familiarize yourself with it or you’ve downloaded Evernote but never really used it because you just didn’t know how. I am here to tell you; that taking the time to get to know Evernote will be the easiest and quickest way to increase your productivity, save you numerous hours each and every week, clear the clutter on your desk and you’ll be able to put your hands on everything in mere seconds.


1. Evernote & Google Drive Are Like Best Friends (BFF’s)

Everyone with an Evernote Premium account can access their Google Drive files directly from their Evernote account. Imagine the time savings not having to constantly switch accounts. Simply add a Google Drive file to a note just as if you were to attach a file from your computer.

Any changes that you make to your file in Google Drive after adding it to your Evernote note will automatically update as they essentially are one and the same. And did I mention that linking your Google Drive files this way also enables the extended Evernote search? Meaning that now Evernote’s incredible search function additionally searches within your Google Drive. Yep!


Evernote and Google Drive | A smarter way to work



2. Features So You Can Keep Things Simple & Strategic 

In addition of course using Evernote to take notes, keep notes and recording notes, Evernote could quite literally function as your external brain. You, know . . . one that can actually remember everything : ), Evernote comes with many additional features such as:

  • tags
  • checklists
  • templates
  • reminder function
  • note merging ability
  • internal note linking
  • ease of adding information
  • email forwarding (Premium only)
  • offline notebooks (Premium only)
  • drag and drop files easily into your notes
  • share your notes with everyone, even if they don’t use Evernote
  • table of content creator within your notebooks for quick viewing ability
  • and much more . . .


3. Everything In One Central Location

Never again wonder where you stored something. Evernote integrates with just about everything and browser extensions make it possible to store all sorts of information quickly, easily and you have access to all of your information in one central place.


4. Get Things Done While On The Road

In today’s busy world we need access to our information anywhere at anytime. With Evernote and it’s automatic sync function to all of your devices (iPad, iPhone, laptop, desktop, tablet etc.) you can access all of your information regardless of where you are, find what you need and get things done.


5. Index Your Innermost Thoughts With Audio While On The Go 

Has this ever happened to you? You’re out on a walk and all of the sudden you seem to have the greatest idea or remember something you have to do, or you’re in the car, driving of course and since taking your hands off the wheel isn’t exactly the safest thing to do, simply start an audio note in Evernote and it’s right there with all of your other information. And yes, I do realize there are other apps out there that do that as well but remember the beauty of Evernote is ONE CENTRAL PLACE  | ONE TOOL not having to remember all of the different places you stored something is what will keep you sane.


6. Teamwork | Work Chat

Simply communicate with other team members through your work chat within Evernote and save oodles of time never having to get lost and sidetracked jumping back and forth between your email and Evernote (for everyone that went down that email rabbit hole more than once knows exactly what I am talking about.)


7. Find Everything In Seconds 

Evernote’s search function is one of a kind, powerful and FAST! If you’ve ever tried to find anything again in your email from more than a few weeks ago then you understand the frustration. All that changes when you use Evernote. Whatever it is you are looking for can be found in mere seconds as long as the word you are searching for is somewhere in the note  / handwritten note, title, attachment and or even image, regardless of how long ago you saved the information.


10 Reasons - Evernote Search


8. Ability To Make Evernote What You Need It To Be

Evernote does not come with a preset layout, giving you the ability to build a structure based on how you think instead of the system telling you how to organize something. Spending some time on the front end thinking about an organizational structure can take you very far. Ask yourself, what do you want Evernote to do for you and what you would like to store in Evernote.

One of the first things right after I help my clients getting familiar with Evernote’s interface is that we begin building an organizational structure on paper first. Not too much in depths but just enough to see the possibilities. Only after that, do we begin adding information to Evernote and create notebooks and with time you’ll see the true power of Evernote.


Evernote Is Like A Pair Of Jeans Tweet


9. Peace of Mind 

You don’t have to remember everything! You just have choose one location where you store everything and ensure that you have a system where at some point your information gets forwarded / saved in Evernote. Luckily Evernote makes that very easy for you.

  1. Email Forwarding 
  2. Snap An Image (for example sticky notes, business cards or your receipts)
  3. Make Use Of Webclipper (save any article you want to read again later)
  4. Attach Files from your desktop or Google Drive (.pdf, spreadsheets, .docs etc.)
  5. Scan Documents 
  6. Record Anything (meetings, thoughts etc.)




10. Affordable And Ease Of Use 

Really making this option attractive to anyone regardless of what your budget may be or what your technology skills are. Evernote offers three different pricing models and one of them is even FREE. Click Here for more information.

Having used Evernote for years and I never realized the true power of Evernote until I started my own company. In addition to making use of email and Google Calendar, Evernote has become part of my technology / efficiency toolkit that I can no longer live without.

But above all, most meaningful to me is the sanity Evernote has given me as I sometimes navigate the often overwhelming demands of entrepreneurship and life as a busy mom. Simply knowing all of my information is stored in one place was well worth the investment of my time learning the ins and outs of Evernote.

P.S. I loved it so much I even became a certified Evernote Business Consultant. Evernote truly functions as my virtual brain, notebook and filing cabinet. No longer, do I have to remember everything, except where did I put it : ).

I use Evernote for everything these days, personally and professionally, from projects and reference material to collecting research and sharing notes with clients, my assistant to immunization records and grocery lists with family members. I use one inbox on my desk and sooner or later, pretty much every single scrap of paper or thought I have will find it’s way into Evernote and I am now pretty much am 95% paperless.

But let me tell you, moving to a digital system has not been an overnight process for me. It’s taken me years to go digital. Simply because I always had a very organized filing system that I trusted nonetheless and just never saw the appeal, I knew where everything was at all times.

However, nowadays, between my husband and I, we are running four businesses out of our house, travel frequently, overseas might I add and throw in some kids and dogs and homeownership and you’ve got papers coming out of the wazoo. Having access to our papers is no longer a nice thought, it’s but has become a necessity and has been an absolute lifesaver.

And I want to make one thing clear, if your first thought was: “I could never go paperless”. We still have papers at our house and what hasn’t changed is that deep down I still love taking notes, there is just something about putting down your thoughts with a pen and paper, but what changed is that I no longer have loose notes flying all over the house, whatever I want to keep I quickly take a snapshot of and toss the rest.

Now it’s your turn. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Are you using Evernote already? What do you love most about it? Or are you still playing with the idea? If so, ask away I’d love to hear your thoughts and may be able to help.