Living A Better Life Through Editing, Organizing and

Simplifying Your Life

We believe in better and happier living through the art of editing and organizing our belongings to what we truly love and need to live our lives to the fullest. Thus we at Organized Impressions devote our waking hours to help you pare down, put away and teaching you how to get there.

Organized Impressions was created out of our passion for creating calm and peaceful spaces, our formal education in interior design and a true love of helping women by lending a helping hand to create a true sense of calm, sanity and order in their daily lives. 

Whether you want us to work with you right by your side or simply need us to do it all for you, we look forward to organizing and styling your belongings in ways that aren’t just tidy, but also easy to maintain and enhance your routine!

Nadine McCoy

Organized Impressions is a full-service organizing & home staging company where design, organization, & function meet. 

Organized Impressions is based in New Orleans, LA and specializes in creating stylish, functional and efficient organizing and home staging solutions for your home. We offer a variety of services in New Orleans and the Northshore.


Organized Impressions

Organizing & Simplifying

Blending functionality and efficiency with Organized Impressions signature design aesthetic. We specialize in establishing stylish and functional long-term organizing solutions, we are here to help you de-clutter, edit and organize any space in your home from pantries and kitchens, to bedrooms, nurseries, closets and offices, all of your papers and a lot more.

Pay Attention To The Type Of Work You Are Repeatedly Doing And What Tools You Are Consistently Using. Take Notes!

You only have one chance to make A FIRST IMPRESSION, Organized Impressions can help you make it the right one. In essence, staging takes place over time and is the process of strategic editing, organizing and transforming your home in a way that will highlight it’s best and most attractive architectural features so that your home sells quickly and for top dollar. 

We currently offer staging consultations including a detailed recommendations report, hands-on guidance throughout the entire process and occupied home staging. 



Organized Impressions

The Office Cure

My signature, intensive program for fiercely dedicated women business owners who are ready to focus, take dedicated action and organize their office/business one last time! Work with me and together we will roll up our sleeves and as a team, we will clear your desk, your office and finally your entire business of all of the clutter. No stone left unturned – Implementation Success Is Guaranteed!