Nadine McCoy of Organized Impressions is helping busy women reach their goals faster. | the jumpstart
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the jumpstart

Need a better way of organizing, storing & finding

all of your information? Start using Evernote!

You are frustrated with yourself. You know you are wasting time when you are searching your desk, your stacks of papers, your handwritten notes, your email time and again. Deep down you know that you need to get organized and find a better system to dealing with all of your papers.

But you are too busy, you have no time to waste and are in reactive mode most of the time and it just seems to get worse. Not only do you feel overwhelmed but sometimes find it sheer impossible to keep track of it all. It’s quite possible that you can’t find what you need when you need it, things are falling through the cracks and sometimes you even miss out on opportunities.

All you wish for is a way to easily manage your information of your professional as well as your personal life and the ability to quickly find and access said information regardless of where you are and what device you are on. Imagine, never to loose any information again or wasting precious time searching for things, being efficient as can be and being able to get back to the bigger and better things in your life. You keep thinking going paperless is the way to go but technology can just be a little scary, I understand as I was there once too.

Your biggest obstacle right now is that you don’t have a lot of time and even worse you wouldn’t even know how to get started, reading yet another book and figuring out another program all by yourself seems out of the question. What you want and need right now is someone to walk you through the individual steps to build the right foundation for you. Someone that can tell you exactly what to do, what you need and teach you the necessary skills of how to use, organize and make the most of Evernote in the shortest amount of time possible. Someone that can give you personalized and immediate actionable advice based on your unique situation without wasting any of your time and most of all how to stay organized in the long run.

Individual Evernote Coaching 

Step By Step Guidance & Accountability With Nadine McCoy

Hi I’m Nadine McCoy and Evernote has changed my life. Let me change yours! Skills and knowledge are important and accountability combined with personalized and clear strategy and implementation EQUAL RESULTS. Change your life today for the better and make an investment in yourself. All coaching sessions are conducted via Zoom Meetings and are structured, yet interactive (include screen sharing) and are tailored to your individual needs.

Are you interested in working with me? 

Here is how to get started.

  1. Select the package that best fits your needs. (Coaching is currently only offered for Mac / ios users.)
  2. Click the “Buy Now” button below to submit your payment.
  3. After you submit your payment, you’ll receive your welcome packet and a short client questionnaire from me within 1 business day. (The questionnaire will help me getting to know you and better prepare for our session together.)
  4. When your prep work is complete, you’ll be given a link to schedule your session with me. Then we’ll have our session!

Questions? Send me an email.

  • Evernote With Confidence - Start Here

    • $147 | 90 Minutes & 30 Minutes Follow-Up

    • Use Evernote confidently the second we are finished.
    • Personalized, concise, step by step instructions to optimizing your account settings and a simple, yet personalized foundation you can build on.
    • Create notes, notebooks, stacks and tags, leaving you confident with your Evernote skills.
    • You will know exactly how to collect, capture and organize your information, handwritten notes, business cards, emails, .pdf’s, receipts, meeting notes, online articles etc.
    • Find what you need when you need it with Evernote search – tips and tricks.
    • Set-up and use of complementary tools of Evernote such as Webclipper, Scannable and Email forwarding.
    • 30 Minute follow-up session to ensure all of your questions have been answered.
    • Evernote with Confidence Cheat Sheet for long-term success.
    • The Evernote with Confidence coaching session is perfect for you, if you are an Evernote Beginner and want to set a solid foundation and get started on the right foot with Evernote without wasting any time. 
    • One last thing, in order to make the most of our time, Evernote with Confidence requires that you are a Premium Evernote user. Sign – up here.
    •  Still unsure? Send me an email.

  • Personalized Evernote Coaching

    • $97 | 1 Hour

    • (New Client Special)

    • You started using Evernote but don’t know how to make the most of Evernote and need more guidance.
    • You already know your way around Evernote, your needs have changed and you are looking to re-organize your existing structure, yet have no idea where to even begin.
    • You have questions and I have answers! What Evernote plan is right for you? How do you back-up your Evernote files? How can you implement Evernote in your daily life? What’s the best way to organize and get started with Evernote?
    • You know the basics of Evernote and are ready to master and apply Evernote’s advanced features and skills such as template creation, setting reminders, note/notebook sharing, workflow set-up etc. Let me show you what they are.
    • You are seeking help to create a solid foundation and additional help on how to organize your account with notes, notebooks, stacks and tags.
    • Find what you need when you need it. The ins and outs of Evernote search.
    • You are ready to organize your life with Evernote but aren’t sure you have the necessary skills? Please see Evernote with Confidence to your left. If you think you could use a refresher start there.
    • You want to get organized for tax season and would like to build an organizing structure around that? Let me show you how to manage your receipts and expenses in Evernote.
    • Follow-up email to ensure all of your answers have been answered including: Organized Impressions – The Only Evernote Keyboard Shortcut List You’ll Ever Need, If You Want To Save Time. 
    • The personalized coaching session is perfect for you if any of the above applies to you.

  • Papermess To Paperless with Evernote

    • $397 | 3 Hours

    • Get a focused, straightforward plan to make it happen in three 1-hour strategy sessions.
    • You’ve heard that going “paperless” is the best way to organize, find and easily access your documents from anywhere. But how do you get there? What scanner and other tools should you use? Where do you begin? What should you scan? Is it safe? What should you keep to begin with and how long? How do you back-up your information? How do you organize your documents and then find them again? So many questions.
    • Let me save you the time and trouble and break it down for you. Together we will design a unique, step by step action plan that you can easily implement on your own time.
    • Leaving you confident, knowing the exact action steps you need to take and an organizational structure making the process EASY and PAINFREE in the shortest amount possible.
    • You will be left with knowing exactly what scanner and other apps to use. Processing your incoming paperwork, basically any piece of paper that you come across in your life will be simple and no longer feel like a chore.
    • When you go paperless with Evernote you can find your documents easily and within seconds at anytime, anywhere.
    •  A clean and clear desk, stress relief and peace of mind are just a few things you will experience.
    • Follow-up email to ensure all of your questions have been answered including: Organized Impressions – From Papermess To Paperless Step by Step Action Guide for your convenience. 
    • You must be an Evernote Premium user and have a basic understanding of Evernote in order to make the most out of our work together. Evernote limits your uploading capacity when you are a free, plus or basic Evernote user which will hinder your progress to go paperless immensely. (If you are a beginner – no problem, simply start with Evernote With Confidence once you are a pro we can move on to this package.)
    • Sign – up here to become an Evernote Premium user 
    • Still unsure? Send me an email.