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We are here to help you de-clutter, edit and organize any space in your home or your office. Our personalized hands-on organizing services are available in New Orleans, LA | The Northshore & Beyond. Each organizing project receives our utmost attention to detail, well thought-out organizing solutions 

and Organized Impressions signature style.


Full Service | Make-Over


  • 30 – minute full service make-over strategy session in your home or office
  • $50 charge which will be credited towards your organizing project rate


  • $125 for a team of 2


  • $100 one-time flat fee (per project) to purchase all necessary product and facilitate any returns. All product purchased will be subject to client approval and budget, and will be billed for reimbursement accordingly. (Receipts will be provided for all items used.)


  • All full-service make-overs include additional time designing layouts and creating personalized organizing solutions.
  • Time spent researching and shopping for all needed supplies as well as facilitating any returns.
  • A team of two organizers that will sort, categorize, making sense of it all and helping you pare down.
  • Following the pare down process your contents of the designated space will be organized, beautifully arranged in Organized Impressions signature style and recycling and/or donations will be removed. 

Make-Over | Refresh 

For our repeat full service make-over clients who require an occasional touch-up of previously organized spaces by Organized Impressions this 2-Hour / $195 make-over refresh will get you right back in business. Your systems will be restored, your space re-styled and re-labeled as needed and recycling and/or donations removed. 

  • FLAT RATE:  $195
  • PACKAGE DEAL:  Buy 4 sessions get 1 session FREE

Signature Program | The Office Cure

“No One Has Time To Organize, But Everyone Has Time To Search!” Do you dread walking into their office each and everyday? Are you greeted by mountains of papers, waste time searching for things and no system or foundation to speak of? 

In today’s day and age, time has become our most valuable asset and as a business owner, entrepreneur or busy professional you simply can’t afford to waste your time any longer with a messy office and spending your time searching for things. Disorganization is a minefield of distraction and a slow recipe for disaster.

With an office organizing and efficiency expert right by your side this seemingly overwhelming and impossible endeavor of organizing your office, making sense of it all and setting up systems and processes after working through stacks and stacks of paperwork can actually be pain free and even fun.


  • Flat Rate: $200 | 2-Hour Session with Nadine McCoy
  • Let’s get down to business, roll up our sleeves and start making immediate progress in your office.
  • After getting a feel of your individual needs and our working pace, we’ll discuss the details of THE OFFICE CURE | SIGNATURE PROGRAM and how you will benefit from working directly with an organizing and efficiency expert.
  • There is no obligation to move forward / purchase the program (yet most do : ) but rather my way to let you test the waters, ask all the questions you want, know what to expect etc.


Organized Impressions THE OFFICE CURE | SIGNATURE PROGRAM is specifically designed for small business owners, solo entrepreneurs and home based businesses and is a combination of office organization, productivity / efficiency training, and paper management and is based on the principles of the Japanese management philosophy KAIZEN | Kai (Change) Zen (For the Better). 

You will work side by side with Nadine McCoy, an office organizing and efficiency expert who will not only provide you with long term solutions but also help you take action, achieve the clarity you need to make good decisions, pare down and put away. With a little thought and effort your office can become a place you love to be in.  It will feel not only more organized but also more spacious and calm.


A’ La Carte | Organizing Services


  • 30 – minute complimentary consultation in your home to discuss details, needs etc.


  • $300


  • Buy 3 sessions | $900 and get 1 session FREE 
  • Buy 6 sessions | $1800 and get 2 sessions FREE 
  • Buy 9 sessions | $2700 and get 3 sessions FREE 


  • The a’la carte organizing service is for you if you simply don’t know where to begin, if you need help from a professional to pare down your belongings, or if you need an accountability partner right by your side and get it done once and for all. And anyone that would love to learn how to be more organized and live a more simplified meaningful life.
  • Women who choose to work with us in a one-on-one capacity are investing in their personal growth and experience peace and calm in their homes. OUR RESULTS are always: Order in your daily life, easy to maintain spaces without sacrificing style and a home that makes you happy!

A’La Carte | Unpacking Services 

Let us help you unpack so you can get settled into your new home / office fast and painless. The a’la carte organizing services are also perfect for unpacking all of your belongings. In this case we will come, unpack your belongings for you, and organize / style your home so you start off organized in your new space.

  • HALF DAY | 3-Hours  $350 for a team of 2 
  • FULL DAY | 6-Hours  $600 for a team of 2

Ready? | This Is How To Get Started

STEP 1: 

Contact Nadine McCoy and reserve your free in-home or office consultation today to see how we can help you. Use the contact form here or click on the “Book Your Free Consultation Below.”

STEP 2: 

  • Fill out the contact form and describe your project and what you need help with. 
  • What is your biggest pain point? Ask yourself this: If I can only get one thing organized, what would that be?
  • Still not sure? No worries, Nadine will help you narrow things down and help you determine the perfect service for you.


  • Once you agree on a date / time, meet with Nadine in your home or office (except The Virtual | Blueprint), discuss your project details and receive an estimate.
  • Schedule your organizing session(s.) That’s it!
Nadine McCoy

The VirtualBlueprint


This virtual organizing blueprint is perfect for you if you prefer to organize on your own but have no idea where to start. This service provides you with a personalized, step by step set of instructions and a list of all the supplies necessary to complete your organizing project. 


  • Complete “The Blueprint” questionnaire 
  • Provide us with a minimum of 10 photos of your office / workspace


  • The blueprint includes email correspondence at the beginning and at the end of your organizing project.
  • A complete set of personalized, step by step instructions. 
  • Better furniture arrangement suggestions for better functionality.
  • A suggested shopping list for specific product.
  • Receive your personal “The Virtual| Blueprint” within 5 to 7 business days.

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