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Anthropologies Spice Jars

07 Jun Creative Storage Solutions – Spices

Ever wonder how to untangle that messy spice drawer of yours?

If you are anything like my husband and I, then you will certainly understand that there can never be enough spices in our home.  So instead of downsizing our entire spice collection as that would be just unbearable,  my solution was to find some creative storage ideas instead.

My husband and I love to cook and we constantly find ourselves rummaging through the spice section in our local grocery store or farmers market in search of some new and exciting spices we have yet to try. We can spend numerous hours in stores such as the Spice and Tea Exchange, The Spice House, WILLIAM-SONOMA and DEAN & DELUCA to just name a few.

However we have come to realize we have more than we will ever use and it is time to stop or maybe just control the overflow a little better. So here are just a few tips and tricks to downsize your spice collection and store your spices in pretty little containers instead of just keeping them hidden in your spice drawer or cabinetry.

Did you know that spices go off and lose their wonderful aroma? As most great chefs will attest to, they will do whatever they can to buy only the freshest spices and use them very quickly, or buy them in a state that can be ground or grated (like black peppercorns or nutmeg).

Purchase spices in small quantities to be sure that they are being used before their expiration date. Do you have a large collection of spices? When was the last time you checked the expiration date? Be sure to check and if they have none, use these guidelines and your best judgment. If they do no longer smell or you know you have had the spices longer than you can remember than it is time to let go.

    • Seasoning blends: 1-2 years
    • Herbs: 1-3 year
    • Ground spices: 2-3 years
    • Whole spices (such as cinnamon sticks and peppercorns): 3-4 years
    • Extracts: 4 years (except for pure vanilla, which lasts indefinitely)
Clean out your spice drawer at least every six months. Sort out all expired and multiple spices.

Magnetic Spice Jars

Contain spices and herbs in airtight containers such as these magnetic spice jars that can be purchased on Etsy – The SpiceConnection, to allow for a longer shelf life.


Hanging Spice Jars

Hanging Spice  Jars

Store spices in a way you can easily see and have easy access to. This will prevent you from forgetting what you already have and purchasing time and time again. Chefs store and organize important spices conveniently in close range to where they cook.


Anthropologies Spice Jars

Anthropologies Spice Jars

Make it fun. When it comes to organizing your spices, the options really are endless nowadays, so why settle for the container or little plastic bags spices come in. I am currently working on selecting a few of my favorite storage options and spice containers for you and will list them as soon as possible  on my Resources Page, so be sure  to  check back.


Re-purposed Starbucks Spices

Re-purposed Starbucks Spices

On a budget? Re-purpose what you already have. Make use of containers you already have on hand. In this case Starbucks Frappucino bottles have been re-purposed to function as spice jars. I just love the color combination as well as the fact that every container is the same size and don’t forget to label your spice jars.


Wall Mounted Spice Rack

Wall Mounted Spice Rack


Out of Room in your cabinet and drawer? Why not go up the wall and wall mount your spices adding a  personal touch to your kitchen wall? Stylish and functional are two of my favorite words.


Wall Mounted Spice Jars

Wall Mounted Spice Jars

Get creative and grab your paint brush. Another creative way to go up that wall is by painting the wall with magnetic paint, followed by chalkboard paint and tin jars.


Spice Care



SpiceCare – Spice Storage Solutions.  Multiple size spice containers that are space-efficient, aesthetically pleasing and triangular shaped. These spice containers are not only pretty  but also feature a convenient interlocking design ending the days toppling over spices in your spice cabinet while reaching for other spices. 

I would love to see some comments and pictures of your favorite spice storage solutions. 



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