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Every day, you dread walking into your office, you are greeted by mountains of papers, no systems or foundation to speak of, you are lost in the day to day constantly putting out fires and feeling frustrated as you never really get any closer to accomplishing any of your goals and dreams. After many failed attempts of getting organized, setting up one cookie cutter organizing and productivity system after another you find that none of these truly work for you.

Running your own business, or having a successful professional career while being productive, getting things done and achieving your goals and dreams without missing out on your personal and family life can simply feel overwhelming and sometimes far out of reach. Something’s gotta give but you are just not sure how. Without extra time on your hands, your stress level is already through the roof, you’re barely holding it together and you simply don’t have time to figure things out as your to-do list is already a mile long.

Where and how do you even get started and keep up the momentum? Others do it and make it look so easy, so why can’t you? I see the exact steps you need to transform the way you work and reclaim control. No matter where you are now and where you want to go. Whether you want to be more efficient so you can grow your business, looking to better the quality of  your life, spend more time with your family or simply enjoy life without the constant nagging feeling of, “I should really be working / organizing” right now, I can help.

Dreaming about getting it all done is one thing.

Making it happen is another.

Let’s do it together.

“The Ultimate Guide To Getting Started With Evernote.” (Mac Version) The big, complex and overwhelming task of trying to figure out a new software on your own broken down into EIGHT SIMPLE & ACTIONABLE STEPS for you.

Download the guide today and simply start with STEP 1 and you are well on your way to Evernote success.

Nola | Diaz | Photography
Nola | Diaz | Photography

Nadine McCoy

“No One Has Time To Organize –

Yet Somehow Everyone Has Time To Search”

Hi I’m Nadine, your personal business efficiency coach, certified Evernote business consultant and office organizing expert, I’m also a wife, mom to the sweetest little boy Thomas Luca (of course I’m just a little impartial) and part of our busy little family are also our two dogs Daisy and Nola. I truly believe everything you set your mind on is possible. You can achieve your goals and get things done while also living a life you love.

I was born and raised in East Germany in a quaint little village right outside of Berlin. In early 1989 my mom, dad and I escaped the country via Hungary leaving everything behind, without any guarantee we would make it or ever see our family again and I was only 11 years old left with a choice of picking one toy to remember the life we had.

It had been my parent’s life-long dream and greatest wish to provide me with the opportunity and the ability of choosing a life I wanted to live instead of a government dictating my life for me; which is exactly the reason why I am as dedicated as can be and above all truly passionate about helping other women reach their dreams and goals and not let anything stand in their way.

I hold a Degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design and Architecture, and while I was living in Germany I was a specialist in Wholesale and International Trade (just to be clear that was well before the European Union ever existed : ). I am also fluent in English and in German and can get by with some broken Spanish.

I am also the recipient of the Design of Excellence Award from ASID – The American Society of Interior Designers and can be seen in the home renovation TV show Fix It and Finish It with Antonio Sabato Jr., where I transformed a neglected storage area into a beautiful, efficient office space. P.S. I also did a short stint on Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine.

I have been featured numerous times in “Getting Organized Magazine”, the #1 organizing magazine in the world and ultimately draw from my life, travel and work experiences where over the years, I have cultivated my organizing, design and people skills through living and working on two continents and spending much time in very different office and design settings making me an expert in all things office, office organization and business optimization.

As a German, -hard work, organizing and efficiency are in my blood and supporting others while creating beautiful, organized and efficient office and workspaces are my passion.