Personal Productivity, Business Efficiency

and Office Organizing Strategy

for fiercely dedicated women entrepreneurs and everyone that (still) spends too many hours in their office and at their desks while missing out on life and sometimes even missing the most important moments of their life. Say goodbye to chaos, overwhelm and inefficiencies in your business. Hi I’m Nadine McCoy, your expert in business efficiency, office organization and also a certified Evernote Business Consultant. I am here to provide you with actionable strategies, skills and the accountability you need to create long lasting positive changes in the way you do business and manage your life. It is my goal to provide you with long lasting success, noticeably less stress and more quality in life. 

You’re ambitious and an action taker (although sometimes

you need a little push), you are fiercely committed to

regaining control and ready to transform

the way you work.

You’ve come to the right place!


Getting Started With Evernote 

Interested in learning how Evernote could be the solution to all of your overwhelm and how you can be more productive with this one simple tool? I only share what works and how you can take immediate action to a more organized, productive and simplified life. From getting started strategies, advanced systems and techniques to step by step instruction on how to easily organize your business and your life with Evernote. Free and straight to your inbox.

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Inbox Zero

Battle Plan

Say goodbye to email stress. What you need is a strategic and customized plan with step by step instructions how you can master your daily flood of email, take control of data chaos and overcome information overload easily and stress free.


The Office Cure

Forever Organized

Your own customized step by step blueprint of organizing and optimizing your office based on your unique situation and the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency.

This blueprint’s purpose is to provide you with easy to comprehend step by step instructions, and the tools and expert advice (I’ve helped hundreds of business owners organize their offices) that will help you not only create but also maintain long-lasting order at your desk and in your business in just a short amount of time.


Hi I’m Nadine!

I’m an award winning personal business efficiency and accountability coach, a certified Evernote business consultant and office organizing expert and love helping motivated women business owners take dedicated action towards their Big Dreams and Goals.

Did you know a disorganized office is an ineffective office?!?! At least 1/3 of time wasted in an office can be attributed to the search of a document. Information overload truly is a real thing and our email in-boxes are at capacity, most of the time no work processes and standards to speak of and the ever increasing workload simply leads to more stress and discontent.

I love helping ambitious, yet overwhelmed women business owners find their focus,  take back control and guiding them from chaotic surroundings to a well-structured and efficient office / business in just a short amount of time. I am known to provide my clients with exactly what they need: Personalized advice, training and accountability will lead to long-term success. No short cuts or quick fix promises here but when you take the advice, implement the suggestions and put in the work you could see results of upward 20% business efficiency in just a short amount of time.

Organized Impressions methods are deeply rooted in the Japanese Kaizen principle. Kai ~ Change and Zen ~ For The Better.  Optimizing your business and your work processes step by step! I will teach you the skills and show you the tools necessary to maintain long lasting order so you can build and sustain a successful business and still have time for what matters most.

Want to get started with Evernote?

Get my practical, step by step Evernote guide for Mac users.

Everything you need to know to build a solid foundation.

Curious about Evernote?

Evernote is a powerful cloud based productivity and note taking application which easily let’s you capture anything you need to do, remember or reference at a later time and will be right at your fingertips as Evernote syncs all your files across your devices. Based on your individual needs choose between any of these three services and change the way you work forever.