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Organized Impressions was started out of the desire to help and inspire people creating beautiful, stress free office and work-space environments. Organized Impressions – No Rules but Timeless Strategies to simply be incorporated into your life, giving you more time and alleviating your stress – the only way to keep your business and/or personal life running smoothly.

Do you have an office or workspace in need of a serious overhaul? Do you waste hours on end but want to be more efficient and productive? You’re simply too overwhelmed with all of your papers and hate filing? You can’t find what you need and miss opportunities, payments and/or deadlines? You know you need systems in place for things to run smoothly but struggle with the “How?” You’re in desperate need for a balanced, functional and beautiful work space? Then you are not alone! Work with me and you will be left with a sense of relief that once and for all you are taking back control of your office, your papers and your life.

The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t and we can help. Simply start by signing up for our monthly newsletter, follow us on Facebook or browse through our Pinterest Board for inspiration and organizing tips and tricks. 


Private Home Office

 Private Home Offices 

  Spend more time again with your family and friends, instead of your paper mess at home! Work with us and put an end to paper piles and the endless search of important documents and create a maintainable work space that you can be proud of. Learn More  



Home Based Business Offices  Home Based Business Offices 

  Win more time for your customers and new projects! Together we will crush the chaos, organize your office and get the right systems into place that will let you easily manage your versatile administrative tasks of your home based business all the while leaving you in control and more time for the really important tasks. Learn More   



Small Business Office

 Small Business Offices

  No small business owner can afford to waste time or money due to disorganization and the lack of systems in place. Learn to prioritize and to delegate tasks leaving you no longer overwhelmed but rather in control of the day-to-day operations and more time for planning, strategizing and building your business.  Learn More   



A Balanced, Functional And Aesthetically Pleasing Office Is The Best Productivity Tool You Could Ever Wish For. ~Nadine McCoy 


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