Nadine McCoy of Organized Impressions is helping busy women reach their goals faster. | By teaching how you can save time, simplify your systems, and increase your productivity with her favorite tool Evernote.
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Productivity & Efficiency Coaching, Evernote Organization, Workflows & Strategies & Paper Mess to Paperless with Evernote

Nadine McCoy, a Personal Productivity Coach, certified Evernote Business Consultant and Office Organizing Expert providing you with actionable strategies, skills and accountability you need to create long lasting positive changes in the way you do business and manage your life.

Nadine specializes in helping ambitious women entrepreneurs just like yourself, ready to take back control and is known to provide you with exactly what you need: Personalized advice, training, accountability and the how to of creating your foundation and organization necessary for you to get things done, accomplish your goals, manage your life and still have time for what matters most.

Free Tips & Strategies

Interested in learning how Evernote could be the solution to all of your overwhelm and how you can be more productive with this one simple tool? I only share what works and how you can take immediate action to a more organized, productive and simplified life. From getting started strategies, advanced systems and techniques to step by step instruction on how to easily organize your business and your life with Evernote. Free and straight to your inbox. Sign Me Up!

Evernote With Confidence

Do you need a better way of organizing, storing and finding all of your information? You know what you need is a system and a tool that deals with it all. You heard great things about Evernote, possibly even started using Evernote but never gotten around to making use of all of its benefits due to time constraints. Evernote is a wonderful tool and has the ability to change your life but just like any other tool, you have got to know the basics and build a foundation if you want it to work for you. Work With Me!

Tools & Resources

Take control and master your busy life with these incredible tools. Follow the link below to see what products and service providers I recommend that have not only made my life easier but also all of my clients life. All product / tools that I recommend are either personally used by me or come highly recommended by other productivity / digital experts. I Want To Learn More!

Diaz | Nola | Photography
Diaz | Nola | Photography

Let’s Work Together!

Hi I’m Nadine McCoy, a productivity coach who believes managing all of your information and competing to-do’s to manage your business and your life shouldn’t be so hard. I love helping motivated women entrepreneurs and busy professionals just like you gain greater control of their lives by creating a trusted and easy to maintain life management system with my #1 go to tool – Evernote.

Step by step, I will work with you to establish necessary Evernote core skills including advanced workflow techniques and how to apply basic productivity principles to organize and manage all of your lives information so you can easily find and access all of your information, anytime and anywhere.

With a trusted and easy to maintain system, personalized strategy and expert help you will no longer feel paralyzed and overwhelmed by your never ending to-do list. Instead of wasting time searching for things, you will finally get things done, grow your business and find time for the important things in life. 

Curious about Evernote?

Evernote is a powerful cloud based productivity and note taking application which easily let’s you capture anything you need to do, remember or reference at a later time and will be right at your fingertips as Evernote syncs all your files across your devices. Based on your individual needs choose between any of these three services and change the way you work forever.

What my clients say