Organized Impressions is a full service organization company where design, organization and function meet. 

Organized Impressions based in New Orleans, LA specializes in creating stylish, functional and efficient organizing solutions

for your home, your office or your paper. We offer a variety of organizing services in New Orleans, LA and beyond.


Organized Impressions

Organizing Services

Blending functionality and efficiency with Organized Impressions signature design aesthetic. We specialize in establishing stylish and functional long-term organizing solutions, we are here to help you de-clutter, edit and organize any space in your home from pantries and kitchens, to bedrooms, nurseries, closets and offices, all of your papers and a lot more.

Pay Attention To The Type Of Work You Are Repeatedly Doing And What Tools You Are Consistently Using. Take Notes!

Organized Impressions

Evernote | Jumpstart 

Have you had enough of your paper clutter? Do you want to learn how to organize your business and your life with Evernote? The Jumpstart with Evernote | The big complex overwhelming task of getting started with Evernote, broken down and mapped out in detail of how you can do just that. Nadine McCoy, owner of Organized Impressions is not only an organizing expert but also an Evernote certified business consultant teaching individualized Evernote organizing solutions and systems to fit your needs.

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Organized Impressions

Inbox Zero | Battle Plan

Say goodbye to email stress. What you need is a strategic, customized plan with step by step instructions how you can master your daily flood of email, take control of data chaos and overcome information overload easily and stress free. Email is the core of our professional lives, let the expert come to you and learn how to manage your email properly once and for all.

Want to get started with Evernote?

Get my practical, step by step Evernote guide for Mac users.

Everything you need to know to build a solid foundation.

Curious about Evernote?

Evernote is a powerful cloud based productivity and note taking application which easily let’s you capture anything you need to do, remember or reference at a later time and will be right at your fingertips as Evernote syncs all your files across your devices. Based on your individual needs choose between any of these three services and change the way you work forever.